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Nervous About Seeing an All Male Revue? Here are Tips to Put You at Ease

Updated: May 24, 2019

all male revue Las Vegas

Your first all-male revue, huh? You have no idea what’s going to happen or what to expect and you’re nervous about your first male revue adventure. No worries, you’re going to be just fine after you check out these tips.

Do Some Research

Do a little research before you attend the show and pick a favorite Black Magic Live dancer. Black Magic Live’s social media has clips of all the dancers and really nice images of those beautiful bodies. It’s a pretty fantastic way to pass the time and calm your nerves at the same time.

Get the Girls Together

what to expect from an all male revue in Las Vegas

Your girls have been there for you through thick and thin. You have had some the best times in your life with these ladies whenever you get together, and another night out has come around. Why not make an exciting night of it? Before you head out to the male revue, get the girls to come over to your place so you all can get ready together. Put on some music, have some drinks, set the vibe right for the exciting, fun night ahead.

Pretend it’s a Regular Club Night

You still feel a bit of nervous before heading to the show. Think of this outing as if you were going to a normal night club, except this club is filled with super sexy fine men who know how to dance really well, and they want to dance with you all night long. It doesn’t sound that bad after all.

Be Open

A male revue show is all about having a good time, especially at Black Magic Live! These are professional male dancers who are there specifically to give a special kind of Vegas entertainment. Try to relax! Live in the moment, because what you will be seeing on stage from these gorgeous exotic dancers will be captivating, to say the least.

Vegas Male Revue 101

Arrive at the show at least 30 minutes early, to give you and the girls a chance to explore the city and take photos at some of the popular photo-op spots in Las Vegas. This is the entertainment capital of the world, so you never know who or what you will see. You don’t want to miss one single moment.

After the first Black Magic Live dancer performs, your shyness may disappear and you might be pulled on stage. So while you girls are getting dressed, you might consider putting a little more thought in choosing your outfit for the night. You may have to sit on a chair or be used as a prop, and if you’re in a dress and wearing a thong, well…things may be seen that cannot be unseen.

This a non-traditional Vegas show, There are no bad seats at the Embassy Nightclub Theatre because the Black Magic dancers wander through the audience. No matter if you’re next to the stage or in the back of the theatre, you’ll be surrounded by dancers and have great views of the stage.

Black Magic Live Performances

What will you witness at Black Magic Live?

Exquisite sexy hot men onstage

Fantastic music, electrifying lights, choreographed dances and acrobatics

Costume changes to delight you and bring your fantasies to life

Tantalizing stripteases

Sensual men getting close with the ladies in the audience when walking through the crowd

If you are still too shy and nervous, maybe the Chocolate Men Pamper Room is more your speed. All the action is taken down a notch in this ultra-exclusive lounge with some soothing RnB and Jazz, but the sexiness is still on high with private pampering by gorgeous men serving you drinks, chocolates, and so much more.

Don’t Worry - Let Black Magic Live Put Your Mind at Ease

The bottom line is to just have fun. All the elements are there for you to let go and be happy. When in Vegas, bet on black! The dancers at Black Magic Live won’t disappoint! Give us a call at 702-718-2108 today if you need to ease your concerns.

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