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Best Ways to Pamper the Birthday Girl

It’s your bestie’s birthday and you want to give her something to talk about and remember for a very long time. You’ve been looking for best birthday gift ideas for her, and you’ve decided you want to take it on the road. How about a Las Vegas birthday treat – the ultimate girls’ trip?

Best Ideas for a Las Vegas Girls Trip

Who doesn’t love Las Vegas – home to some of the best casinos? But gambling aside, it gets even better. We know you have many choices when it comes to partying in Vegas. But if you want to seriously pamper and impress your girlfriend, you MUST take her to the sexy stage show - Black Magic Live at the Embassy Nightclub.

It boasts talented, chiseled, sexy, and very entertaining exotic male dancers with moves. Serious moves. Fantasizing moves. Need we say more? It’s been described as the “best male revue show – ever.” And we can help you turn it up several notches with our amazing party packages:

  • Platinum Star

  • Silver Star

  • Gold Star

  • The “LIT” Bachelorette Package

  • Chocolate Men Pamper Room

So many choices. So much chocolate yumminess. Our personal favorite is the Platinum Star. It includes a VIP booth for you and your friends, bottle service which includes three free bottles of vodka, all access to the post-show in the Chocolate Men Pamper Room, and more. And speaking of that Pamper Room, get ready to be spoiled.

The sexy brood of shirtless hunks will give you and your girls your own private Las Vegas magic.

You can learn a thing or two about sexy moves after taking the pole dancing class that comes with our “Lit” Bachelorette Package. We can accommodate up to 15 guests per party. As we said earlier, we have so many excellent choices! When looking for the best birthday gift ideas for her, you'll find Black Magic Live.

Black Magic Live Offers the Ultimate Las Vegas Birthday Ideas

It’s time to level up with a grand adult birthday party. And whether you’re looking for ideas to celebrate a birthday, promotion, or divorce, we are here for that! If you want to impress a friend by throwing the baddest bachelorette party ever, that’s our specialty. Be prepared for a hella party!

And, as if the dancers aren’t inspirational enough, right now Black Magic Live is offering a promo – tickets are 30 percent off. It’s the perfect time to buy your tickets. If you have any questions, call at 702-718-2108 today or message us.

You know the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, some things can’t be held inside and are meant to be shared. Trust us. We’ll see you and your girl tribe soon!

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