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In Las Vegas with the Girls? Put Black Magic Live on Your Itinerary

Updated: May 1, 2019

There are thousands of things to do in Las Vegas and we do mean thousands. Vegas is the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world. When it comes to enjoying the best food and nightlife, no other city can compare. Booking your girls’ trip to Vegas is a great idea, probably your best one yet. As you are putting your itinerary together, you want to make sure every spot you hit while you are there will be nothing but memorable.

The Ultimate Las Vegas Girlfriend Getaway

Vegas has definitely mastered the art of live show performances. There is so much to see, do, and experience. If you’re looking for a show that is a blend of exotic, sexy, and seductive, look no further than Black Magic Live at the Embassy Nightclub Theater. This Las Vegas male revue is an unforgettable show filled with the hottest exotic black male dancers from all across the country.

Black Magic Live Dancers

No Vegas male revue is like Black Magic Live. These men are no doubt a gorgeous bunch with chiseled abs and sculpted bodies. But it’s the way they use their bodies is what sets them apart from the rest of the average male revues. Choreographed shows with acrobatics and lip-biting dance moves will have you leave all your inhibitions at the door while you are engulfed in the tantalizing show.

The Star Treatment

If you are the type of girls who want to get a more up close and personal touch from these sensual men, Black Magic Live packages are available. One, two or even four ladies from your group can have their turn to be center stage in the Hot Seat, while the rest of the crew watches the action from the VIP Booth sipping drinks from your complimentary bottle.

The Chocolate Men Pamper Room

No doubt the live stage show is exciting and full of sexual energy, but if you and the ladies want to indulge in a more laid back vibe, make a move to the Chocolate Men Pamper Room. Inside this ultra-exclusive pamper lounge, you and the girls are the center of attention as the staff of handsome shirtless men spoil you. Relax to the sweet sounds of Jazz and R&B while these chocolate hunks engage with you all night long and show you their brand of magic.

Make Lasting Memories with Black Magic Live

There is no place in the world like Black Magic Live! Hot? Yes! Sexy? Yes! And it’s also classy and always fun. We guarantee the memories will stay with you long after you have left Sin City. But remember - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Give us a call at 702-718-2108 today if you any questions or email us if want to know more about having the time of your life at our show!

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